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        Sanmenxia Aoke Chemical Industry Co., Ltd

        Add:Chemical Industry Cluster Area of Shan Zhou District(Guanyintang), Sanmenxia, Henan Province, China.
        Contact:Mr Zhao ; Mr Chao



        Ethyl 3-ethoxypropionate

        Synonyms : EEP
        CAS-No :763-69-9
        Formula :C7H14O3
        Molecular Weight : 146.18 g/mol
        Molecular structure :
        Melting point : -75°C
        Boiling point :166.2°C
        Flash point : 61°C
        Solubility : 1.6 g/100 mL (20 ºC) in water.
        Product Specifications:
        Item Index
        Appearance Colorless liquid
        Purity 99.0%min
        Water content 0.05%max
        Ethanol content 0.1%max
        Acid content (acetic acid) 0.02%max
        Chromaticity(PT-Co) 15max
        Use : It is mainly used in automotives coating ( OEM and Refinish), marine paint, household electrical appliances coatings,screen Printing Ink, other printing ink sand graphic products, slow drying solvent in high class inks, and also for the microelectronics industry (Diluents).
        Packaging : 198 kg/ barrel, 190 kg / barrel.
        Storage :Airtight store in a cool ventilated dry place, away from the heat, fire, storage temperature should be below 30 °C.


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